About Pets Niagara

Pets Niagara is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless and abandoned animals in the Niagara Region through education, foster, adoption, sanctuary and charitable support of pets and pet owners. We aspire to be a unified voice for abandoned, abused and neglected animals in our region and in particular for the City of St. Catharines and for the greater suburban and rural areas surrounding us. Together, through a system of volunteers, foster homes, educators, animal lovers and exceptionally generous people, we aim to eliminate the unnecessary suffering of domestic animals by keeping them out of the shelter system.

Pets Niagara rescues cats, dogs, small animals and even farm animals. Rescuing senior animals, those with costly medical issues and the so-called "hard to adopt" animals, with an eye to providing those precious souls with a permanent sanctuary, is our special focus. Through our success stories, we know that every life is worth saving.

For the pets that are suitable for adoption we work diligently and tirelessly toward finding a life-long loving home for these deserving creatures.

We are working hard towards our lofty long-term goals and vision - building a dedicated physical sanctuary in the Niagara Region were we can provide safe harbour for all pets in our region that are in need. There, we will be able to continue with our rescue-foster-adopt mission as well as provide permanent residence for senior pets, hospice cases, FIV, FeLV and feral cats, and farm animals. This will also be a place where the Pets Niagara community will be able to gather, grow and celebrate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic pets in our area.

Guiding Principles

Our mission and vision is at the heart of all that we do to rescue, protect and care for any domestic pets that come to our attention. Our mission and vision is also the driving force behind our pet welfare and education programs.

At Pets Niagara we believe that all domestic pets, indeed, all animals, are sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions such as fear, pain, joy, love and sorrow. Pets provide their human companions with unconditional love and absolute loyalty and deserve to be treated as valued and respected members of the family.

We believe that all animals should be treated with kindness and respect.

We thoroughly believe that all pets, indeed all animals, should have:

Accomplishing our Mission

Toward accomplishing our mission, we intend to inspire, educate and mobilize current and future pet guardians to create a home in which their pets are guaranteed the freedoms as listed above.

Pets Niagara is also dedicated to helping to reduce the number of pets who may become homeless due to the illness or death of their current owner or due to financial hardship under which their current owner is struggling. We feel that these reasons are particularly poignant and truly under-supported throughout the Niagara Region and intend to concentrate a major portion of our efforts toward helping these pet owners.

Pets Niagara relies solely on the kindness and generosity of the general public through donations and memberships, sponsors and corporate partners. We are not funded in any way by the federal or provincial governments or agencies. To enable us to bring our mission and vision to fruition we must raise funds through diverse avenues, including fund-raising activities, sales of pet-related products and awareness campaigns. Rest assured that 100% of all funds received by Pets Niagara through its' activities is spent solely on the needs of the animals protected by our care umbrella.

Pets Niagara will engage in a number of fund-raising activities throughout the upcoming year as well as launch a new line of toys, bedding and protective gear that can be purchased for your favourite feline or canine. All net proceeds of sales made through our pet collection are used solely to fund the charitable activities of Pets Niagara. All net proceeds realized from our fund-raising activities, memberships and sponsorships are used solely to fund the charitable activites of Pets Niagara.

We can only do what we do with help from donors like you! You can help Pets Niagara build a thriving community. Any donation, big or small, goes a long way to helping an animal in need.

We will always advocate for the humane and ethical treatment of domestic pets, farm animals and wildlife, worldwide.

We welcome anyone who is willing to help, learn, engage and celebrate the lives of all the wonderful pets who share our world with us.

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