Home for Life Sanctuary Program

two dogs enjoying each other's companyOur "Home for Life" is a free service, giving pet owners peace of mind. Too many cats, dogs and other pets are left homeless after their owners die or have been relocated into long-term care. Now pet owners and their families who may be facing those situations can ensure that their pets are properly looked after should anything happen. We will receive your pets and place them into our sanctuary program until they have transitioned successfully into a life without your presence. Thereafter, and if your pet is in good health and young enough, i.e. under 8 years of age, we will then do all that we can to find a new, loving home for your pet. If you pet is not in good health and is 8 years of age or over we will continue with your pet in our sanctuary program for the remainder of his or her life. Please rest assured that at all times your pet will be looked after properly and will receive the best of veterinarian care and love with us.

If you're worried about what costs may be incurred in caring for your beloved pets after you have parted ways you might be interested to know that your Will can be used to help safeguard your pets' future, too. You simply have to include wording in your Will passing care of any pets that you may have at the time of your decease to Pets Niagara. This will cover all animals you come to own throughout your lifetime, not just your current pets. Should you decide to use our Home for Life sanctuary program, please ensure that your next of kin are aware of your wishes for your pets. We have included several handy forms in one PDF file for you to fill out and pass to your solicitor, your family and to us, Pets Niagara, which tells us about your pets.

How you can Help

Regular monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to spend less time fundraising - and more time saving lives. Becoming a sponsor of a sanctuary pet is an easy and efficient way to fight pet neglect and homelessness and make a difference for the many unwanted and unloved pets that we see all year long. Please help us continue to be a voice for these sad and broken spirits. They truly give us a chance to be a part of witnessing miracles of healing of mind, body and spirit. We can only accomplish this with your support.

Thank you for taking time to care for animals in need. If we all work together, we can strive toward "Saving Them All".

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