Special-needs Sanctuary Program

We will eventually house most of our residents in groups to provide social interaction with plenty of room for exercise. At the time that our sanctuary property is constructed we will be providing dedicated space to special-needs pets. In the meantime, special-needs animals typically require more and sometimes specialized caregiver resources. Currently, we have to place special-needs pets with a sanctuary foster and as such we can only commit to receiving new special-needs pets as we have the ability to provide for them.

What do we classify as a Special-needs Pet?

Pets that have suffered serious injuries, chronic medical conditions for example, FIV and FLeuk, long-standing neglect, abuse or have chronic behavioural issues automatically qualify them as pets with very special needs. Special needs can encompass various disabilities resulting from serious injuries and/or chronic medical conditions. Some common problems among cats and dogs include missing one or more limbs, hind limb paralysis, deafness and or blindness, diabetes, allergies, urinary tract infections and lack of socialization.

Some pets might require diapers, ramps, support slings, prosthetics, regular medication, and dog training and/or pet socialization classes. Some pets might also require either independent housing away from all other animals or housing where several suffering from one condition can live together happily such as in the case of FIV positive cats.

We are committed to succeed with these pets and provide them with everything they need to live as long and healthy a life as is possible. Our special-needs sanctuary pets receive plenty of exercise, stimulation and, when necessary, re-training.

Criteria for admission

Admission decisions are made based on our ability to provide appropriate housing and care for each pet's unique needs. Although our goal is to help as many pets as humanly and humanely as possible on their journey through their life, we do make a lifetime commitment to the pets who are entrusted to Special-needs Sanctuary Program.

We are only able to accommodate a small fraction of the requests for sanctuary admission that we receive every year. Potential admissions are considered in view of space and resources, including experienced and committed volunteers and foster guardians.

Admission process

Unless we have the reservation of a pet owner on file for our "Home for Life" sanctuary program, our admissions process begins with communication received from the owner of the pet or the next-of-kin of a deceased owner. Because of limited staff and resources, we may not able to personally respond to any individual request immediately. It may take a few days for us to get back in touch with you. Please bear this in mind when you make your first contact with Pets Niagara.

Pet help resources

For pets that would not qualify for our sanctuary programs, please check with us to see if we have any available general foster homes available. If we do, we will see if are able to bring your pet into a foster-to-adopt home. If we do not have a foster home available and you are able to keep your pet at home for a period of up to 6 months we will definitely assist you in the re-homing of your pet if you desire.

Otherwise, if you are in immediate placement for your pet, please visit our Pet Resources section on this website where you'll find a wide array of available assistance either through other animal rescue groups or among our articles. Among our articles you will find information about training, health issues, finding a new home for your pet, and much more. Almost always, for homeless pets in need, the best chance for a good home can be found right within their own community.

How you can Help

Regular monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to spend less time fundraising - and more time saving lives. Becoming a sponsor of a sanctuary pet is an easy and efficient way to fight pet neglect and homelessness and make a difference for the many unwanted and unloved pets that we see all year long. Please help us continue to be a voice for these sad and broken spirits. They truly give us a chance to be a part of witnessing miracles of healing of mind, body and spirit. We can only accomplish this with your support.

Thank you for taking time to care for animals in need. If we all work together, we can strive toward "Saving Them All".

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