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Xylitol containing products

Xylitol and Your Pet

What you may not know is that Xylitol, a naturally occurring plant-based alcohol and an artificial sweetener widely used to sweeten many candies mints, chewing gums and other foods and drugs, poses a serious poisoning risk to dogs and other pets even in miniscule amounts.
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foods that are toxic to your pet

Foods and other Substances that are Hazardous to Your Pet's Health

Toxic foods can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances, diarrhea, rapid breathing, seizures leading to death and death.  The top 21 offenders have been listed here with notes on symptoms and products to avoid.
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A Moment of Caution - Spotting Defective Food Cans.

It has been a decade or more but I spotted one! There, in the middle of that case of store brand cat food, hid a blown can. At first hurried glance, a can of normal enough appearance, unremarkable in every way. Younger buyers - those under 30 - may never have had an encounter with a blown can. Yet, as the world of packaging grows progressively faster....
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